Organic Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil

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Ylang ylang has grown in popularity after inclusion in products like Chanel no. 5 and increasingly recognized health benefits. The plant is famous in the Philippines, where its name (pronounced “EE-lang EE-lang”) translates as “flower of flowers”. Area folklore tells of a couple who prayed to the gods for a child and received a baby girl, but were told she should never be touched by a man. After becoming a beautiful woman named Ilang, she was surprised by a suitor who grabbed her hand, turning her into a flowering tree. He cried out “Ilang! Ilang!”, forever naming the cherished flower. Filipino girls sometimes decorate themselves with these blossoms – which almost resemble banana peels with their long, curving yellow petals – or sell them in garlands to tourists.

In early uses healers applied ylang ylang to cuts, burns, and animal bites. It was a principal component in ‘Macassar oil’, an early commercial hair product popular in Victorian England. Part of ylang ylang’s initial spread is attributed to German pharmacist F. Shtek, who ran a drugstore in Manila and began selling the bottled oil in the late 1800s. Ylang ylang blossoms were also a ceremonial aphrodisiac laid on the beds of newlyweds in Indonesia.

After aromatherapy incorporation ylang ylang became known for relaxing effects and benefits to insomnia, fatigue, and frigidity. It’s thought to encourage spiritual service, relax internal dialog, bring about mindfulness, and ground the spirit. It may protect against stomach, intestinal, and urinary tract infections and is highlighted for antidepressant activity that regulates blood pressure and heart rates. It’s thought to control sebum production, promote healthy hair, clear acne, and inspire hope and joy.

Organic ylang ylang complete essential oil from Prana Organic Plant Oils is an aromatherapy favorite. You will absolutely love the heavenly floral scent of this oil.

  • Common Name: Ylang Ylang Complete
  • Botanical Name: Cananga odorata
  • Country of Origin: Madagascar
  • Extraction Method: Steam
  • Plant Part: Flowers

Do not apply undiluted to the skin. If pregnant, breast feeding or under the care of a physician consult your doctor. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

Product statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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