Organic Thyme Essential Oil

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This particular variety of thyme – Thymus satureioides – is sometimes called Moroccan thyme due to its North African, rocky soil origins. While thyme of all regions share common characteristics and medicinal properties, changes in soil and air quality alter each. Moroccan thyme is known for particularly strong impacts on the immune system, and some recommend it in treatments for chronic infections and auto-immune diseases. Like all thyme this plant is highlighted for having some of the highest concentrations of antioxidant and germicide effects of any herb.

Thyme has a long and storied past. A historic symbol of bravery, Roman soldiers exchanged it with each other in recognition of battlefield valor. In the Middle Ages thyme was gifted to those going to war, and when worn on armor held symbolic value along with a spiritual belief it would ease passing to the other side. The Sumerians are thought the first to have cultivated this herb, applying it as an antiseptic, anti-fungal, and disinfectant product over 5,000 years ago – even prior to ancient Egyptian use. According to legend thyme was also a powerful poison antidote, and was consumed before or during meals by several emperors.

Commonly attributed impacts include improving circulation and respiration, boosting the immune system, and alleviating anxiety. Aromatherapy users claim invigorating, fortifying, and uplifting benefits and find it to dispel despondency, instill drive, and enliven the spirit. Thymus satureioides receives attention in oily skin and acne treatments, and thyme has tested as more effective than leading acne products after being steeping in alcohol and turned into a ‘tincture’. Thyme may also help lower blood pressure, repel pests like rats, mice, and mosquitoes, and boost feelings of well-being.

Organic thyme essential oil from Prana Organic Plant Oils is an aromatherapy favorite. You will absolutely love the rich herbal scent of this oil.

  • Common Name: Thyme
  • Botanical Name: Thymus satureioides
  • Country of Origin: Morocco
  • Extraction Method: Steam
  • Plant Part: Leaves

Do not apply undiluted to the skin. If pregnant, breast feeding or under the care of a physician consult your doctor. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

Product statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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