Tips for mixing your own blends

You can buy many blends of essential oils, but it’s also easy to create your own mix. Decide how you will use the blend of oils. Do you want an energizing mix? Are you looking for something to help you sleep or calm your nerves? Or maybe you want a blend to help treat a skin infection or muscle soreness. Whatever your goal, choose essential oils with the same desired qualities.


If you simply want a wonderful fragrance, mix essential oils in the same fragrance group, such as woody, herbal, citrus, floral, or spicy.


    Start by identifying the primary oil in the mixture. This might be the one that smells the best to you or has the strongest properties for the effect you’re after.


      Add just a few drops of the oil to a clean glass bottle.


        Now add your other oils, just a few drops at a time. For the best results, limit your blend to three types until you gain more experience with mixing these highly scented oils.


          Swirl the bottle gently and inhale. Drop a few drops of the blended oil onto a blotting paper or cotton ball and let it sit for a while. Then sniff to discover how the blend smells after evaporation.


            If necessary, add a drop or two more oil until you like the balance of fragrance.


              Write down the formulas for any oil blends you especially like so you don’t forget the recipe.


                Feel free to experiment. You might discover a new favorite!

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